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Welcome to I’m your host, Raul Meza, and I am here to host an amazing blog where we as believers can get together and talk about our second passion which is marketing. You see, I’ve been doing online marketing for over 15 years. I also have a marketing company, Promeza M.G. and we focus on the Hispanic faith – based community.

Like many of you, I have been to a lot of marketing conferences throughout the world, and I’ve met some amazing people, some real knowledgeable people and I’ve learned so many great things. However, I noticed that sometimes the way they approach business or some of the tactics that they use don’t necessarily align with the kind of person I am.

I know I know there’s a lot of marketers out there who are Christian.

Yes, you’re out there, I know you are and we just need a place to gather and talk and share, especially because most of us are working with the gospel and the message and we need to be effective to reach those people. To be most effective, we need to get together and help each other.

Christian Marketing

That’s one of the reasons I created this blog.   I own Promeza marketing group and our focus is the Hispanic faith based community. We work mostly on the west coast, especially California with a high focus on Hispanic Christian music.   

Yes, it’s we also manage some artists. We manage a couple of the top Hispanic artists in the world. Tercer Cielo for one of them. We also help a lot of well-known ministries as well as our local businesses. We help our local church, our local real estate agent, and our local dog breeder among many others.

Local people who want to do things via the bible, they want to work with the same ethics that God has given us and those are the companies that we enjoy helping. Now, there’s a lot of you who are really good at what you do and you’re Christian, right? So it’s about time we got together and shared and helped.

We are either giving the message, a special message to deliver or we’re being called to help someone else deliver that message.

That being the case, then this is a good spot to come and to learn to help you achieve that. That’s one of the reasons I created We just need another place to get together and learn as believers, right? We want to help you. If you’re a Christian and maybe, you have a business you want to promote this is the place to learn.  it doesn’t have to be a faith-based business. Maybe you’re a dentist, right?   well, and you want to know how to market it and how to drive traffic and how to get those leads. Well, we’re going to help you with that.

Maybe you own a grocery store, a restaurant. Whatever your passion is, the truth is, they all need to be marketed and that’s something we’re going to hopefully help you with here.   For that we’re going to create all these episodes, just talk about different topics and different subjects that exist within the current market.

Christian Marketing

We need to do that especially because things change so fast. Things that were working a few years ago don’t necessarily work now. So you will see that one of the things that I am going to stress is that we’re building long term businesses. I don’t focus too much on the quick hacks or on the quick, get quick Rich. If that’s you? I’m sorry. A lot of the stuff we’re going to cover actually requires work and with that you will find that it actually works. In the long run it’s going to give you freedom.

You can actually work full time from home making great money and get the freedom to be that dad, that mom that you’re supposed to be for your kids. 

It can give you freedom to be able to serve in church like you want, it will give you freedom to bless people, right? Because yes, our cup is full. In fact, our cup runneth over says the word.

That’s what I wanted to be in every area of my life and if you wanted to be in every area of your life, then we got to do the extra mile. There’s no traffic in the extra mile. We have to go the extra mile. But we have to work smart on how we do it. So we’re going to cover a lot of that and how to accomplish it, as well as how to build the long term business online. Or, simply how to help market whatever current business you’re doing.

So, if you’re new to this then fantastic, you could learn the good habits and start there. You don’t have to unlearn things. If you’re experienced, fantastic, I could learn from you, there’s a few things that I’m sure you’ll be able to share, maybe a lot of things, you’ll be able to share, that I can learn from you.

We’re hoping to create that community here. So, check back with us frequently. This is serious though. We’re going to have a great time, we’re going to fellowship together, but we’re going to get things done. I’m not one of those people who likes to buy things, buy things, buy things, and buy more things and never take action.   I find that kind of frustrating about people.  Oh, I get it, I easily get overwhelmed too.

To counter this, I established a system a long time ago where I usually focus on the very next step. Just the next step. So I take action and then the next step, take action. I’m one of those shoots first aim later type of guy.  I found that it works, and I’ll help you with a lot of the systems I use to get me motivated and to get me going to get me effective. So does that sound fantastic to everybody? Great. This was the welcome, this is the Welcome to the blog and thank you for joining us so much.

 We’re going to start off by talking about some wisdom that I learned over the years.   

Something that’s really impacted my life and that I know can impact yours. It’s the turning point in my life. Growing up, I didn’t come from much. My parents were immigrants. They immigrated into this country and my mom only had a second-grade education. My father had 6th grade education, so I didn’t come from much when it comes to financial. They had to work for every dime they had, they had to work hard, they had to skimp and save. And the interesting thing is I didn’t grow up thinking I was poor, I knew other people were rich, but I didn’t think I was poor.

Looking back now I really saw that we didn’t have much. My parents made things works, which I’m really, really grateful for. In fact, when I graduated high school, I found out that my dad’s expectations for me was that I do not work in a factory like him. His goal was for me to get a high school education so that I could work in an office. Now, lucky for me, he never told me that, so I was hanging around a group of kids who were all going to go to college.  With that being the case, I just naturally assumed that the natural thing to do after graduation is go to college.

I did the work, I sent out my applications even though I knew there wasn’t any money.  

I was always trying to get scholarships, or I was aiming for the local community college so that college in general would be possible.

The day I graduated high school andl I got my diploma; I was so excited. My parents were there and after the ceremony we all broke into little circles where we ran to meet our parents. That’s when I realized that my parents weren’t there anymore. They had gone home.

My friends came up to me and told me that we’re going to a party, Great first, I wanted to run home and just say hi to my family. I ran home and my parents were there, they were celebrating my victory, they were so happy. I went up to my dad and I gave him my high school degree. I said, “here dad, this is yours, you deserve it”. And he said “yes, I worked hard for it too.” So, Yes, he was proud

Then I said, “you know what Dad, after this one, there’s gonna be another degree”. That’s when he shocked with the next words out of his mouth. “Sure, Sure, Sure.”  I’m like, what? That kind of sounded like a little disbelief.

Christian Marketing

I responded, “no, no. I;m serious. I’m going to college, I’m gonna get you another degree.” Again he responded with, “Sure, sure, sure.” It then  hit me, it hit me that my dad never expected me to go to college. That just wasn’t in the cards for our family. It was a shock. I can say though, thank God, even though my father didn’t have high expectations for me, at least he didn’t tell me that. So he did not limit my my rise.

He did not limit whatever it is I wanted to accomplish. He did not throw negative words into my life. He didn’t necessarily throw positives or encouragement my way either, but that’s okay because he did not turn off the fire that God had already put inside of me to get ahead to accomplish more.   

I still got to stand on my father’s shoulders.

He had accomplished so much and then it was my job to stand on his shoulders and grow from there. So, I’m glad he didn’t tell me. My friends started talking to me and pressuring me to leave and make our way to the party.

I left but I never forgot that. Later on when I had the time I sat down with my dad and said “Dad, I understand that you didn’t really have it in the plans for me to college, but I’ve already worked everything out and I guess I’m going to go to community college.” then my dad says, Look Son, we don’t have money.   But I’ll tell you what, if you can figure out how to go to college, I’ll tell you one thing you won’t have to worry about. You won’t have to worry about shelter, you won’t have to worry about food on the table., I’ll continue to provide those. I just can’t help you with college.”

I said, Dad, that is all I need, that is all I need. If you can do that, I will do the rest.”  I went to college and in college I started the computer science and it turned out that it wasn’t quite what I thought it was. It wasn’t a great match for me. I fell into nursing. Who would have thought that I would become a nurse.

I actually fell into the nursing program, not because I love nursing, not because I love health care, but because I overheard from a friend’s girlfriend who at the time was studying to be a respiratory therapist, how much money nurses make.

I thought, wait a minute, you only need two years, you only need an associate’s degree, and you can be a nurse. And you could make how much? When they told me how much, I was like shocked. When I was in school, I walked into the nursing office with a few questions and I walked out, signed up.

I hated nursing school every single day.

I just I hated it. I was not an “A” student. I was a “C” student to be honest. I was always a “C” student but an interesting thing happened. There was 26 of us in the class that started together.  By the time it finished, by the time we graduated we were down to six.

Back then it was common for nurses to eat their own. If they really wanted you out, they worked hard on getting you out. The school had a really high state board passing rate, so they weeded everybody who they were concerned about out. What happened over time is that I wound up becoming “A-B” then an A student. Many of those “A” students wound up becoming “B and C” students.

What was the difference? The difference was my life, I knew where I came from. I knew I did not come from much and I was used to fighting, I knew what it was to go in there and have the odds against me and that required a complete focus. It required failing a lot. But learning on every single failure and adding a failure to my library of knowledge.

Christian Marketing

There’s a saying that’s very true, it says that a smart man or a smart woman learns from their mistakes but a wise man or a wise woman learns from the mistakes of others. So, I was always watching, and I was always incorporating other people’s failures into my knowledge base on what to do differently.

Only six of th 26 original students graduated and I was there. I was so happy, my family was so happy. They threw such amazing party for me. They did and I’m the oldest. So, in my graduation there was a lot of my younger cousins, and some of them were like 7,8,9, 10 years old.  I remember, and this is one of the proudest moments. I remember walking through the party and I hearing one of my aunts look at my young nephews and say, “do you see your cousin? He graduated college. You guys are also going to college.

That gets me, you know, it gets me a little emotional because I broke a ceiling that held our family down. I never realized that sometimes happens. It’s actually very spiritual because there are generational curses and one of them is definitely poverty. Not just financial poverty, but poverty of the mind. The bible says that his people perish for lack of knowledge. Since then, we have several other nurses who have graduated, I’m happy to say most of my cousins have college degrees.

I became a nurse, and I loved it. Hated school but loved the work.

I started working straight into critical care and even to this day, I still work as a critical care nurse. I survived Covid, I’m what’s called a rapid response nurse and I run to all emergencies in the hospital. I’m not gonna talk about Covid in this one. That’s for a whole other area of what I lived during this time as a believer.   That’s on a different note. But I still serve as a nurse, and I love it because I’m able to work three days a week and that gives me four days a week to do what all my other passions and one of them is marketing.

I married the love of my life who I met in Mexico. For seven years I tried to woo her and she would always turn me down. That’s right for seven years. You see she was a believer. And even though my family and I believed in God, I can honestly say that at that time when I met her, I was not born again. I wasn’t, she was.  She served as the president of her youth who keeps telling people, when you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, they have to be equally yoked. They have to be believers. When you preach that and all of a sudden, a young man who’s not a believer comes and woos you. Well if you say yes, that doesn’t look so good.

My wife was all about that, she understood being with equally yoked. So she said no for seven years until finally one day I became really good friends with her family and her older brother got married. I flew to L. A. For the wedding and I was sitting there in church watching them say their vows. They were so happy that they were crying.  I remember saying “Lord, if the happiness that I’m looking at right now is how you pay those who serve you, I want to serve you. At that moment, by myself, I repented of my sins and I accepted Christ in my life.

I was here for a week in L. A. The whole week I was just literally sad, the old man died really. Now, there was this massive void in me. I was in mourning. I felt a lightness, but I also felt the mourning because the old man had died in me. When you have a void, you need to fill it and at that moment the only thing that could fill my life was the word.

I sat there for a week while I was visiting California in my room reading the word being hungry. By the end of the week I found a biblical verse that spoke to me about baptism. That same weekend at the church that my now wife went to, they were having baptisms. I went up to them and I said, “hey, you guys are having baptisms, What stops me from being baptized today if I’ve already accepted the Lord?”  It was a bit of a surprise when I went back home after that weekend and told my family, but that is a whole story.

A couple years after that, I finally moved to California and properly wooed her. She said “Yes” and we wound up getting married. It’s been about 23 years now and we have four kids and that’s our life. Since then, we’ve served in the ministry, my wife has made quite the name for herself. She’s very sought after for her work in the West Coast

If a company wants to reach the greater Church, we can help them with our relationships with literally thousands of churches.

I know it sounds like a lot, but I’m not lying when I say well over 1000 into the thousands of different pastors and churches. When I say relationship, I mean they will actually return our phone calls. We are talking about churches across different denominations, and nondenominational.

We’re able to unite them for certain events. One of our first examples is the movie “The Passion of Christ.” We were asked to help market the movie here in California to the Hispanic faith-based community. The Bible series on the history channel by Mark Burnett is yet another example. He actually invited us to his home. If you don’t know who he is, he’s also the producer of Shark Tank, Survivor, and many more.

We were invited to his house and believe it or not, that’s where I met Rick Warren. He’s a big guy. He is also famous for his bear hugs, I should know. I put all this down here in this first post just to give you a glimpse of who we are.

Christian Marketing

Now I want to share some of that knowledge with you guys. We will be covering different areas in this blog. Anything from marketing a single product to marketing a ministry, even how to create a business and market it. If you want to make extra income, we’re going to cover different things in these posts that will help you do that.

I also currently have a very successful amazon business. I sell on amazon not as an affiliate but actually create products lines. We’ve been doing it for almost eight years, sold well over a million dollars of products on amazon. I’ve gotten invited on several occasions to China to teach on amazon and to mentor while we go there and source products to bring back and sell.

One of the things I do with a lot of the Christian singers is I help them with merch. I helped them also fine tune their message from stage to help them line up their product to their message. We try to find the right merch that’s a good fit for their message.   

I want to take the pressure off the churches when it comes to giving donations to people whom they invite, and I would rather help the singer, or the speaker find other ways to fund their ministry.   We’ll cover that as well as how to sell and present merch to properly get people to purchase. We’ll cover all those things. Well, this has been a long post. I hope you enjoyed it.

One of the things that we like to give away is the mini course on content marketing. You’ll be able to access it by clicking here. There’s no shortcut to quality content for people and by that, I mean, there’s actually shortcuts on how to get quality content. But here’s no way around quality content. You need quality content to be successful in all your marketing. This is Raul Meza signing off. God bless you.

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